Urban Studies Web Resources

Urban Studies Web Resources

African Centre for Cities

Based at the University of Cape Town, the African Centre for Cities seeks to connect fragmented urban scholarship across the continent and aid the public sector in dealing with contemporary urban issues by providing informed policy proposals. It publishes original work and puts out several widely read publications.

American FactFinder

The US Census Bureau’s interactive data website, essential in analyzing American urban demographics.

The Atlantic Cities

The Atlantic Media Company’s website dedicated to urban topics. It publishes news, opinion, data, and images to do with cities and urban planning.

Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program

The Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program website publishes original research and policy proposals concerning America’s metropolitan regions. The think tank is credited as one of the most trusted and influential of its kind.

Building Research Establishment (BRE)

Formerly a British government organization, BRE is now a privately funded trust that does consulting, research, and development in the fields of real estate development, construction, urban planning, and sustainability. Its website publishes reports on original research, and associated case studies.

Center for an Urban Future

Center for an Urban Future is think tank that promotes public policy to serve the needs of low-income and working-class neighborhoods in New York City. It publishes its own data, statistics, and testimonies as well as reprinting topical commentaries.

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs

The University of Minnesota’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs facilitates interaction between academics, planners, and government officials within the Minneapolis-St. Paul region. Its original research (published online) and the services it provides are grounded in this context and the center is devoted to contributing to positive change.

Centre for Urban and Community Studies

The Centre for Urban and Community Studies networks with government officials, academics, and other organizations and conducts research on the economic and social wellbeing of people in urban areas both in Canada and worldwide.

The City Fix

The City Fix is a website committed to highlighting sustainable transportation developments, related academic work, and other cutting-edge urban topics relating to connectivity in urban areas. It is produced by the sustainable transport advocacy group Embarq.

Congress for the New Urbanism

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is a non-profit group that promotes environmentally friendly and walkable urban planning. It partners with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), other government organizations, and academics to aid in providing urban best-practice advice. Its website publishes original research and reports and highlights other sources.


Cyburbia is “the oldest and most active urban planning community on the Internet” (Cyburbia). It posts valuable links to news articles, websites, and new research, and engages in discussions of urban planning and policy.

Global Metro Summit

A collaboration of the Brookings Institution, the London School of Economics, and Deutsche Bank, the Global Metro Summit met in December 2010. The website publishes the concluding collaborative work of mayors, politicians, speakers, academics, and other important players in the growing economic importance of metropolitan regions.


HyperCities is an online mapping platform that provides a rich history of cartography to enable both historical and contemporary research.

International Making Cities Livable

IMCL is an online group of scholars and urban leaders committed to reshaping cities and metropolitan areas to better suit the social and environmental sustainability needs of future urban dwellers. It publishes original work and holds conferences twice a year.

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy

An international research group that addresses the topics of land use and tax policy, the Lincoln Institute serves as an incredible resource for urban research. It publishes policy proposals, a quarterly magazine, and a host of other online resources.

National League of Cities

An organization based in Washington, DC, that publishes original research and policy proposals and assists local government leadership in planning and advocacy.

New Geography

New Geography is a website headed by Joel Kotkin, author of The City: A Global History, that focuses on analyzing current demographic and economic data concerning cities around the world. It engages in discussions of politics, urban issues, and economic development, among other things.

Next American City

Next American City is a non-profit group that advocates for economically and environmentally sustainable growth of America’s cities. Its publications analyze current trends and changes in the urban experience. Contributors comprise urban scholars, journalists, and government officials.

Pratt Center for Community Development

The Pratt Center for Community Development is an organization based at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn that advocates for green and community-oriented development. It posts helpful links, publishes reports, and provides assistance to development in most of New York City.

Project for Public Spaces

PPS is a non-profit group dedicated to education about the value of public space and its maintenance and design. It believes that public space can contribute to stronger communities and vibrant urban places. It holds conferences, assists organizations in design, highlights relevant articles, and publishes its own original work.

Regeneration and Renewal

Regeneration and Renewal is a British website associated with the journal Planning. It is devoted to the topics of gentrification and redevelopment of cities, and posts news, opinion, and resources on these subjects.

Siemens – Sustainable Cities

Siemens funds several important areas of research, including the work published on their “Sustainable Cities” website. This portion of their site provides a basic introduction to sustainable cities, and publishes case studies, new research, and news stories. Siemens also annually gives out the Siemens Sustainable Community Awards.

Social Explorer

Social explorer is a free online mapping platform that can be used to visualize the US Census and other official US demographic data.

UB Regional Institute

A unit within the UB School of Architecture and Planning, the UB Regional Institute conducts research concerning urban governance and regional planning. The website publishes the Institute’s original research and helps to connect students to online resources.

Urban Age

Urban Age is a collective project by academics from various institutions, contexts, and backgrounds aiming to offer a broad comparative look at issues and contemporary phenomena that occur in cities. Its main focus has been on developing cities, issues of urban inequality, and the role of governments in alleviating the “growing pains” of cities.


Urbanicity is a website that publishes urban studies news and original articles, and offers conference and event advertising services. It also has an extensive listing of online resources, links, and databases for urban studies.

Urban Institute

The Urban Institute is a policy advocacy group that carries out research, technical assistance, and organizational evaluation in the interest of urban best practice as well as sound and ethical policy. It is an independent group was inspired by President Johnson and founded in 1968. The website publishes new research, policy proposals, and other information concerning local governments.

Urban Portal

The University of Chicago’s Urban Portal aims to quickly connect students interested in a variety of urban topics to quality online resources across the web.


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