Best of 2015: AnthroSource

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Here are the 10 most-downloaded articles from AnthroSource, AAA’s digital database for content from our publications.

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1. American Anthropologist
Is the Romantic-Sexual Kiss a Near Human Universal?

2. American Ethnologist
#Ferguson: Digital protest, hashtag ethnography, and the racial politics of social media in the United States

3. American Ethnologist
Reflections on #Occupy Everywhere: Social media, public space, and emerging logics of aggregation

4. American Anthropologist
Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving? Anthropological Reflections on Cultural Relativism and Its Others

5. American Anthropologist
Body Ritual among the Nacirema

6. American Anthropologist
The Scope of Linguistics

7. American Anthropologist
Hawaiian Customs and Beliefs Relating to Sickness and Death

8. American Anthropologist
Social Organization and Social Structure

9. American Anthropologist
Elaborated and Restricted Codes: Their Social Origins and Some Consequences

10. Ethos
What a Dog Can Do:…

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