Lisbon. Gallery Urban Art. Oct 24th.

Annual Exhibition of Urban Art – 2014 edition

The Exhibition of Urban Art 2014 opens this Friday, October 24 at 18:00, the panels of the Calçada da Gloria and Largo da Oliveirinha, ending the cycle of the exhibition Urban Art Gallery this year, with interventions designed by GODMESS , HagaieL, Isaiah Silva, KLIT, MURTA and UIVO, Sofia Pidwell and Tamara Alves.
Selected by a jury composed of representatives of this edition CMLisboa, FUEL TV and the WOOL Festival, the new parts of this heterogeneous group of authors, illustrate the multiplicity of artistic forms practiced in the world of urban art, the distinctive experience of participants – those who have have years of work on the street and those who want to start painting on this scale – as well as the diversity of its provenance: from graffiti, to illustration, design, painting, or by passing through street art.
By adopting free theme and is available to anyone interested in participating, national or international, individually or collectively, this exhibition format thus fulfills the objective of forming a diverse sample of artistic production, celebrating the best 6 years of work by GAU.
Opening the show, Tamara Alves presents us with another of his creations recognizable, where the wild side along with a delicate emotion, are a constant presence. A “-polvo heart” beats on top of the Calçada da Gloria, the path of animal figures that typically designs and evocative strength and audacity of being predators, here a maritime dimension, honoring the past of the Portuguese people, and particularly the family artist.

1ºPainel_Tamara Alves
MURTA and UIVO, young duo of creators, fulfill in full the second panel, continuing the theme of nature, here used as a backdrop for contemplation of the human figure, the creation of man in its most genuine state. A merger of their distinct artistic styles and organized in extracts and moments, as in nature, the piece can be read from top to bottom.

2º Painel_MURTA e UIVO
In the third panel and in a watery atmosphere, the artist celebrates Godmess human nature, representing a delicate and unique universe of love, inhabited by the kiss between two figures moment as illustrated by the last stanza of the sonnet’s Kiss by Alexandre O ‘Neill that inspired the author in this intervention.

3º Painel_GODMESS

In the fourth panel, we continue to be able to appreciate the theme of nature, the work performed by KLIT, one of the most recognized writers of earlier generations who began producing graffiti in Portugal. For this reason, anyone who is familiar with the world of urban art, immediately recognizes the authorship of the piece, marked by a peculiar animal figure and the fusion of organic elements with calligraphic, something that characterizes the artistic journey that the author has been developing for over 15 years. “Letters not flowers” is one of its most emblematic phrases.

4º Painel_KLIT

 “Reflection of (simplified) real city” is the title of the work in patent fifth panel, authored by double HagaieL consisting of Hilde and Leah, two young lovers not only among themselves but also the world of art, whose process creative is a duel of actions and visions that culminates in one. “We are one, when A is ALL that you see”, as stated in his biography. This vertical panel, we can now contemplate a piece inspired by the traditional tile – through its symmetry and multiple reflection – you want to show a simple but real reflection of the city.

5º Painel_HagaieL
In the Largo da Oliveirinha, appears to us the best of both worlds: between the minimalism of the work of Sofia Pidwell and figurative profusion Part Isa Silva. Thus, in the sixth panel, Sofia outlined his proposal, almost like embroidery: gentle and patient with markers of different thicknesses but of one color. Organic forms which outline the black evolves with the inspiration of the artist and stand out on the white surface, and allow several readings invite us to imagine even more designs and paths.

6º Painel_Sofia Pidwell
In stark contrast, Isa Silva fills the seventh panel, with its various and colorful figures, which are engraved the collective memory of both the Portuguese public, and international, providing the creation of this vibrant and lively piece based on “Square Faces” – project which created about a year and it certainly does not leave you indifferent who now goes by the Largo Oliveirinha.

7ºPainel_Isa Silva

Original in Portuguese by:

Galeria de Arte Urbana | Departamento de Património Cultural
Inês Machado ( ou Sílvia Câmara ( ) Tlf: 21 817 19 45


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