Lisbon. Nov 6th. Conference. Urban Time-Space Usage


The CHRONOTOPE project is part of the European research network URBAN-NET.

Coordinated by Malmö University, it also gathers researchers from the University of Lisbon, University of Porto, University of Barcelona, University of Maine, University of Western Brittany and University of Angers.

Project Abstract

During the last decades we have witnessed an increased consumption in the Western countries as an industrial society has been transformed into a society of consumption. Retail, an essential urban activity, has expanded into retail parks and malls, and has also colonised the larger city centres. In this way, retail has become an increasingly important agency of change in processes of urbanisation, affecting everyday life, car dependency, etc., and threatening a sustainable development. At the same time we can see growing divide between the private and the public service, where many neighbourhoods has lost their vitality as centres for everyday life. Researchers have criticised this decline of public space, but ideas on how to manage these changes are scarce. Here, we view physical planning from a time-space perspective that include aspects of synchronicity (contemporalilty) and synchoricity (con-spatiality) in the development of integrative tools for a more elaborated time-space planning. The basic idea is that efficient planning tools need to be able to deal with connections in both time and space. The aim of project is thus to develop such tools and concepts that can facilitate the integration of spatial and temporal connections, especially when it comes to everyday services in public space. One of main tasks of these tools is to govern a re-integration of the civil society and retail, two increasingly segregated societal sectors in the wake of a consumption society.

About the Conference


It will be hold at the Auditório do Instituto para a Investigação Interdisciplinar of the Universidade de Lisboa. It is mandatory the pre-register you can do it making click here.


For further information check their website clicking here.


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