Creative City Dialogue 2015

The Creative City Dialogue (CCD) is returning to Westgate Hall, in Southampton, in the year 2015. (Date/ Time: TBC). The CCD 2015 will follow up on the outcomes of CCD 2013, looking at participant feedback, recommendations, and Q & A.


Furthermore, Martin Okoroego has been conducting research on London’s Southbank Centre, to understand why it is recognized internationally as a cultural district. CCD 2015 will share valuable observations with the audience, in light of the future international development plans of the cultural quarter and art complex in Southampton.

It goes without saying that Southampton is a young and international city. The key questions of the Creative City Dialogue 2015 are:

  • What is the role of the art complex, and the wider cultural quarter, within an international and local context?
  • What type of international participation is desired and required by locals to strengthen the art complex, and the wider cultural quarter?
  • What type of stakeholder engagement is required to support a local creative district, to further growth into a locally accepted, and international recognized, inner city district?


Read more here

Download Planning here



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