Scandic (Norway). NuArt Festival 2014


Nuart Plus is the festivals annual series of  academic and industry talks from some of the world leading artists, academic and industry professionals. A dynamic series of talks, presentations, worshops, panel debates, film screenings and more take place in the days before the exhibition opening. Previous guests have included Ron English, Swoon, Saber, Chris Stain, Dan Witz, Brad Downey, Logan Hicks and many more.

The events are recorded and made available on our website for research and educational purposes for free. The archive will be developed over the coming years into what we hope eventually gives an important historical insight into the life and times of Street Art.


This year’s Nuart Plus program will tackle the two ends of the street art-continuum, namely “safe murals” on the one hand and street art and activism on the other. While activism was an essential part of the early street art scene, we have over the last decade or so seen a gradual gravitation towards council- and sponsor approved safe murals as the dominant form of street art.  Is this a development we should embrace as a natural development of the scene, or should it be vigorously contested? Do artists approach street art differently if they are doing legal, versus illegal work? Do artworks that are perceived as unsanctioned engage the viewer in a different way than art that are perceived as sanctioned? Are safe-murals and activist street art complements where the development of one reinforce the other, or are they substitutes that repress one another?

Over three days, the Nuart Plus-program will dig into these- and other exiting questions related to muralism, activism, and the tension between the two. By doing so, we hope to stimulate both audience and participants to reflect around which end of the continuum we believe street art should gravitate towards in the future, or if the scene really need to gravitate anywhere at all.

You can browse this years program here




And a must:


Venue : Metropolis
Sat 06.09 KL 1200 – 1500
15 places available. Free
, first come first served. Age 13+

We are honoured to introduce Icy and Sot to this years Nuart Plus crowd. The guys have gracefully agreed to showcase their impeccable stencil cutting skills at Metropolis, the cities main youth centre on Saturday 6th from 1200-1500. Icy and Sot join a long list of international artists who have participated in our education program including Swoon, Chris Stain, Dan Witz, Logan Hicks, Brad Downey and many more.

Nuart will supply everything necessary to draw, cut and spray your designs. Space is tight so there are only 15 places available, first come first served.

Sign up for what’s likely to be a once in a lifetime opportunity now by emailing astrid (AT)

ICY & SOT (IR) are two brother stencil artists from Tabriz Iran who currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. Since 2006 they have continued on their mission to break down pre-conceived notions of an Iranian tradition through their striking stencil artwork.  They have made awe-inspiring headway creating international buzz by any means necessary, both as skaters and artists, highlighting peace, war, society issues and human rights. The duo has created outdoor pieces in the streets of Iran, Turkey, Paris, San Francisco, New York and more as well as participated in numerous exhibitions.



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