Porto. Festival of Urban Art and Illustration

Push Porto marcado para a semana de 13 a 21 em várias paredes já licenciadas para a pintura de graffiti.




Port will be in September its first festival of Urban Art and Illustration. Organizing the Circus, an entity that promotes creators of these areas, the Push Port will happen in week 13-21, in the street, several walls already licensed for painting graffiti in art galleries and bars in the city, exhibition spaces illustrators, and the auditorium of the Pole of Creative Industries UPTEC, hosted conferences on the importance of these forms of artistic expression to the cities.

According to the organization, participating in the festival Colectivo Rua (Oker, Draw, Fedor and Soul), which paint a wall with Hungarian Breakone, the Porto Mr. Dheo and Vidam Look and Germans (who comprise the collective recognized The Weird) and that will paint the side facade of the building UPTEC in Praça Coronel Pacheco. The André da Loba, Luis Lara,   Lord Mantraste and André Letria illustrators will also devote themselves to murals, painting a wall in partnership with Papa-Livros.

The Circus was responsible for the production of the first licensed wall in Porto, the Don Quixote of Miguel Street Bombarba, but has also been involved in events connected to the illustration, as in Guimarães, where artists were invited to desesenhar your version of episodes the local (and national) history. The success of the show led to the postponement of the scheduled date for its closure, now scheduled for later this month.

In Porto are preparing a script exhibitions around town with various artists in galleries like the Dama Aflita (with the London Malarky) and the O Galeria (with Maria Imaginario), in cafes like the Moustache (with Arabrab Fonseca), the Almada Minha (with Wasted Rita) or Canhoto (with Mr. Esgar) and even at Gallery Hostel (Shared with Andy Calabozo, Laro Lagosta and Bruno Albuquerque) and Pensão Favorita (with Amadeus).

In addition to these two scripts, the Circus is organizing a series of conferences and workshops, to be held on 19, 20 and 21 September, with varied themes as illustration, street art, typography, calligraphy, design, architecture, etc. Participate in these lectures ±maismenos±, the illustrator André da Loba, double PeachBeach (Berlin), the artist Aleix Gordo who will present his documentary “BCN Rise and Fall” and Lara Seixo Rodrigues.

The Circus has decided that all activities in this first event would be free entry and continue looking for funding to ensure that the entire program is realized. Push made ​​major support from companies like Abreu, Porto Downtown Hostel, the Catari, or Vinyl Figure, which provide travel and accommodation for artists, scaffolding for street art and promotional material, but there are still some five thousand euros to pay for paint and feeding the participants, among other expenses. The Crowdfunding initiated by the organization on the Internet at IndieGoGo, has had little adhesion (had just over 400 euros on Friday).

The organizers are still waiting for the Council of Porto, which institutionally supports the event, decide whether the will also support financially. In the limit, explained André Carvalho, what can happen is a reduction of planned activities, but we will certainly perform Push, “he said, reiterating the desire to make the streets of Porto” a gallery open ‘. “The Urban art has been very important for the development of cities. We notice that there is little demand for the service of these artists, when compared with the quality of supply, the work they do in Porto,” said the person responsible for Circus.

The Urban art has been gaining ground in Porto, after the current municipal executive, led by Rui Moreira, have assumed an attitude opposed to its predecessor, Rui Rio, who created brigades cleaning wall that erased both tags as works of renowned artists as Hazul in walls of empty houses.

Already this year, the Axa building was inside, “taken over” by a major exhibition of dozens of street performers and the municipality promised opening for defining spaces where the writters could expose your creativity. At Rua Miguel Bombarda, and the initiative of the Circus, was even painted on blind a private residence, the first legalized mural, which emerges an immense Don Quixote, Sancho Panza accompanied by the inevitable.

Original Article on Publico.pt


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