Consultation on “The urban dimension of EU policies – key features of an EU Urban Agenda”



Until 26 September, the European Commission will open the public consultation on the urban dimension of European policies: main aspects of the urban agenda of the EU, in which stakeholders (national governments, regional, local, business, citizens, etc.) can provide input and ideas to set the urban agenda of the EU.

The urban agenda aims to improve the coordination and coherence of EU policies and increasing participation of cities in the development of European policies. This should provide a working method that enables cities to address the economic, social and environment that present and promote an exchange of best practices that contribute to urban development challenges.

In the consultation, whosoever wishes must answer several questions on European Urban Agenda: Why an urban agenda is necessary ?, what approach should be established? Are the cities should participate in the development of European policies ?, how to do it? Etc.

Currently 72% of Europeans live in cities and suburbs, a figure that will rise to 80% by 2050 addition more than two thirds of EU policy interventions affect cities (for example, laws energy, transport, environment).

Given these numbers, the Commission has launched this consultation to set the European agenda to the needs of each city and achieve the objectives.



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