Lisbon. Arquitecturas Film Festival



After the big success of its first edition, Arquitecturas Film Festival is back with a good set of new activities, projections and workshops.

Four days of intense activities between the Cinema City Alvalade and the Cinemateca Portuguesa in Lisbon, hosting international and national artist, architects and other design related professionals and speakers. It becomes one of the important festivals on the urban arena growing and getting envolved more and more people.

It took our attention the masterclass that will be offered by ZimmerFrei Group on 26th September (2pm-5pm)


Temporary Cities is a series of documentary films that ZimmerFrei group has been making since 2010. They are portraits of cities filmed in small areas, which could span one particular part of the city, or a neighbourhood, a square or even a single bench, where the main theme is the residents and temporary users’ perception and use of public space and the way they inhabit and transform it. At the moment there are five city portraits: Brussels, Copenhagen, Budapest, Mutonia and Marseille.

All the 5 films will be screened at the festival. Zimmerfrei will talk about the process of making these films and of their new projects.

Venue: Cinema City Alvalade screening-room 2
Max. number of participants: 112
Price: 4€ – normal price for a film session


Furthermore they offer three different workshops:


1) Observing the city: from spectacle back to flânerie

22th to 26th of September  (10am – 5pm)

With Merve Bedir, Land+Civilization Compositions



Our society is dominated by electronic media, consumption, and surveillance, reducing citizens to spectators. Spectacle implies an organization of appearances that are simultaneously enticing, deceptive, distracting and superficial. unlike spectacle, flânerie is about actively participating in urban life, while observing it with a critical attitude towards the uniformity, speed, and anonymity of the modern.
The workshop proposes that the best way of understanding a city is to be present on its streets and public space; observe it, smell it, listen to it, touch it. During this workshop, we will be the ‘flâneurs’ of Lisbon, making short videos/films during one week.

The films realized during the workshop will be screened on Sunday the 28th at 1.30pm.

Venue: Lusófona University (exception for the 28th – Film Set Room, Cinema City Alvalade)
Adress: Campo Grande 376, 1749-024 Lisboa

Máx. number of participants: 12
Price: 25 euros




24th to 27th of September (9am – 7pm)



In the writing universe “ brackets “ are mainly used to insert an explanatory text, to group meanings or explain ideas.
In computer programming languages (script) this elements compile data into a list – a set of variable inputs, essentials in the execution of computational processes.

bracketing” – Digital art installation and workshop aims to be a parentheses, merging areas such as cinema, digital art, architecture, generative design and digital fabrication. The result of this symbiosis will be an itinerant and dynamic project – work in progress – outcome of a generative andparametric process where shape, space, material (cork),image and sound gain digital, creative and experimental contours.
– Creation of an experimental and abstract short film related with space and form (software: video editing + firefly)
– Creation of parametric forms using generative processes (Rhinoceros 3D + Grasshopper)
– Digital fabrication of models using cork (CNC)
– Building of an itinerant artistic installation (ephemeral architecture)

The final result will be presented on Sunday 28th September at 5pm in Cinema City Alvalade parking lot -3 .

Where: ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon, Avenida das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisbon
Partners: ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon
Sponsers: Sofalca

Price: 250€
Max. number of participants: 12
Min. number of participants: 8

Softwares: Rhinoceros 3D, Grasshopper + Firefly, video editing software

Requirements: Laptops with windows 7 or 8.
Note: Software will be installed at the beginning of the workshop.



25th September  (6pm – 8pm)

With Creative Minds, LAMIPA collective and Giorgio Scianca



Every things start with a vision, a material idea. “ Man how a man should be. Self sufficient, self-reliant, incorporated reason, personified joy of living.” There is a growing need to break down barriers in architecture, but how to show it to the world? How do it get who we want? How to promote? How visible?What is the meaning of have a bussiness, if no one knows about that.

This workshop will show the importance and benefits of communication in architecture. A good example of this theme, is presented by LAMIPACollective (La Mostra Internacional de Património Arquitetónico), who developed a plataform with a purpose to “ export produts and iberic services in construction area” and as a counterpoint, the architect Giorgio Scianca will present ARCHITECT’S TV SPOT (architect is the medium), a collection of TV commercials where the architect’s image is used for the sake of advertising the most various products.

Venue: Film Set Room – Cinema City Alvalade
Price: 10 Euros
Maximum Number of Participants: 30


We can  already have a look to their VideoChannel where we can find a few of short films and teasers about what we can find during the festival. Different directors and artist from different countries and backgrounds are reunited for this edition.


Please have a look to the schedule of activities, and their web site for further information.

24th and 28th of September Cinema City Alvalade and the Portuguese Cinematheque


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