Thessaloniki in the Extreams – International Urban Design MasterClass

“Thessaloniki in the Extremes” comes as a sequel of “Volos in the Extremes” Urban Design master class, under the same concept. It is an international Urban Design master class open to students towards the end of their studies, recent graduates, and professionals, in architecture and urban design. It is organised by Urban Transcripts and through the collaboration of an international team of professionals and academics. It is hosted by the Department of Architecture of the polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The point of departure is the challenges faced by the city in response to the global economic crisis. As the predominant model of development, in Greece and around the world, is severely challenged today, the master class invites its participants to re-invent it: shift from growth to sustainability, from market-dependency to self-sufficiency, from individually-motivated consumption to publicly-useful production. Considering the crisis as a trigger for the re-invention of the city itself, participants are invited to use tools of city making in proposing radical scenarios for an uncompromising future.
Through an 8-day programme of group work, site visits, lectures, and social events, the master class, organised into units, will produce a set of urban design proposals for different areas of Thessaloniki. Each unit will focus on different geographies of the city, ranging both in scale and location. Seen in its entirety, this set of final projects will constitute an extensive and thorough urban intervention proposal for the whole city. A whole new paradigm is longing to emerge. How can the city respond to it?

190 euros for registrations by 30 September
250 euros for registrations after 30 September

for further information and registration details download the master class programme at:

for enquiries contact:


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