Smart Community and Sustainable Development – International Summer School

15 – 20 September 2014, Pavia, Italy

Open to architecture students the summer school invites participants to work towards an innovative concept for a residential building where to mix private and public properties as well as individual and collective functions; a new residential model addressed to inhabitants of a mixed range of age groups, nationalities and urban behaviours: a “contemporary Babel” in Northern Milan. Participants will propose a conceptual design able to represent their idea of “community” and the consequences it has on the definition of architectural form.

The summer school will also include a trip from Pavia to Venice and back, for participants to visit the Venice Architecture  Biennale (travel is covered by the summer school, participants pay a discounted group price for the entry tickets to the Biennale).

Urban Transcripts is offering the opportunity to a maximum of 8 students to participate in this summer school and join the team of invited participants from the University of Pavia,  Lodz University of Technology, University of Plymouth, and the University of Padova.

Fees: €150

Full programme here For expressions of interest contact:



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