Cozinha Comunitaria das Terras da Costa – Call for Volunteers

terras da costa


About Terras da Costa


Precarious shacks without water and sanitation. This is the life of nearly five hundred people – about 30% children – who live in an informal settlement in Costa da Caparica. This neighborhood, called Terras da Costa has been inhabited since thirty years by three communities, mainly Portuguese Gypsies, Cape Verdean and Brazilian people.

Terras da Costa is an isolated and invisible territory, where people feel forgotten and most decisive public interventions are frequent and severe police operations.

Many of the families use to cook on campfires inside or nearby their homes, endangering the safety of a neighborhood without water. You need to walk about 1 km to get water through a public fountain.

The lack of public space also reveals itself as a structural problem demanding an urgent solution. There is no space to meet, nor space for the children to play, a crucial aspect considering that a consistent number of them does not have access to pre-primary school and spends the day in the neighborhood.


What this Project aims?


Terras da Costa is locked in a stripe of land between the city and the cliffs, the high-way and the ocean. The project seeks to struggle against the marginalisation of Terras, strengthening its identity and promoting
an exchange among citizens in and out of the neighborhood, empowering them to take action. Most importantly, it makes a non-conflictual dialogue with local public institutions happen.


About the workshop


The Cozinha Comunitá Terras da Costa has been conceived and designed during an extensive
and highly participatory process, in which the communities of Terras da Costa were always
present and actively involved in the discussion.
The construction process is accompanied by activities aimed at helping the community in deciding about the usage of the kitchen, rights, rules and duties.

A broad interdisciplinary and international team (architects, urbanists, carpenters, artists, social mediators, …) as well as a growing number of volunteers have joined the project. The simple wooden framing technique and the numerous

activities around the building site allow anyone to be part of the project.
The construction becomes a moment for knowledge sharing and hands-on learning.

The activities combine functional and pedagogical aspects, to inspire the community to appropriate means of production (sewing and screen-printing kitchen textiles, produce ecological soap, plant herbs, …) and become aware of crucial issues that affect

the community and Portugal at large (screening of activism documentaries, discussions around sustainable agriculture, meetings with fellow community kitchens, …).




This workshop will be held from Aug 2nd to Aug 30th. This collaborative project would sift between construction work, cooking ateliers, other subworkshops, field work, etc. It is an extraordinary opportunity to develop new skills and get entouraged by an interdisciplinary team from different nationalities and backgrounds.


How to participate?


You can contact to ateliermob on

Or contact to ProjectoWarehouse on

They will provide further information about how your volunteer


Have a look on the project review on PT and in EN


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