Talk with Eleonora Fabião in Lisbon



A very different perspective of understanding the city. This time though the human body and the experience making of walking and coexist on the urban milieu. This artist and teacher would instroduce the basics of her research and explain different points and achivements obtained during her different performances in different cities of the world.


In this meeting I will tell stories of actions that I perform in the streets of different towns since 2008 Examples:. “Shares Cariocas” (or Fortalezenses Shares, the Berliners, the Bogotanas the Pretenses River), the “Series Slums”, the “spots “, the trilogy “Almost Nothing, Everything Always “or project” Linha”.

I propose to talk about creating body and city, one through the other, through performative acts. I propose we think about the performative act aimed at the emancipation of the body and the city as a body -both in mutual education process.

Introduce topics such as: meeting, the society of control, self-monitoring, anti-crime, political friendship, phantasmagoria of subject, aesthetics of precariousness. (Eleonora Fabião)


Eleonora Fabião is a performer and performance theorist. During the 1990s she performed as a member of two experimental theater companies in Rio de Janeiro – Ko Produções (directed by Ivana Leblon) and Centro de Demolição e Construção do Espetáculo (directed by Aderbal Freire-Filho). In 1999 she conceived and performed the solo “Alice” – an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” – with the collaboration of musician Hermeto Pascoal and sculptor Waltércio Caldas. Since 2000 she has been researching and creating performance art pieces; she presented works in Brazil, USA, Mexico, Peru, France and Germany. She has a Master’s Degree in Social History of Culture and is finishing her PhD Studies in Performance Studies at New York University, sponsored by Capes. Since 1997, she has been Assistant Professor of Acting and Performance Theory at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). In 2004 she became a Full Professor of the Theater Directing Course-UFRJ, where she teaches courses in Performance Studies. (quote)


Galeria Zé dos Bois:  Rua da Barroca, nº59 1200-047 Lisboa

+ info: | Tel: 00351 21 343 02 05

Free entrance





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