The Good, The Bad and the Architect. Film (Architect) Competition Show

Architect Show

Sometimes we find alternative festivals that keep our attention due to the good quality of the films, its selection and participants.


The Good, the Bad and The Architect introduce 6 films from different countries which it’s common denominator is the architecture. After every film there is a talk/debate round with a well known architect (local architects as this action is held in Lisbon). Dates are still to be confirmed but architects Pedro Santos, Pedro Campos Costa, Atelier SAMI, Camilo Rebelo e Tiago Pimentel, Luis Santiago Baptista, Tiago Mota Saraiva, Manuel Salgado will be assisting and interacting with the present audience.


At the time of this posting, available films are free and they will be projected at Galeria Boavista in Lisbon (check bottom for map).


Still interested to assist? Here there are the films you can watch:



July 17th /21h00/Galeria Boavista/ Free

Lost Town

Jörg Adolph, 2009, Germany 93′



July 18th /21h00/Galeria Boavista/ Free


Hrafnhildur Gunnarsdottir, 2012, Iceland 52′


July 19th /21h00/Galeria Boavista/ Free

Talking Architect, City: Hall

Jeong Jae-eun, 2013, Korea 106′




This cycle is promoted by (Platform for Architecture Divulgation) on the 2nd Season of the Boavista Gallery Architecture Show. This film festival is embodied within a program of talks, conferences and other activities sponsored by Lisbon Council, EGEAC , among other partners.


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