Workshop in Lisbon: Crochet (4 beginners)

Iniciação croché

It took my attention that in Portugal, country where I am right now, the Yarn Graffiti wouldn’t penetrate as much as other countries. Here, this artesanal art -and manufacture- has been developed during centuries but seems that it has been restricted for the classical use of this technique, ie table clothes, women clothes…

This workshop has already started by the day I write, but the organizer informs that those who wants to participate on the second day of workshop only, they can join us. It would be only 18€ and it’s with all materials included.  A few basic technics will be driven and after that -with a little imagination- we will be able to cover the city with colorful grafts.

Please, feel you free to contact her in case you need further information, remember that it will be at Mercado_URB, one of the rethought places of the Portuguese Capital, and registration is mandatory.

Do we knit together?


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